Smoked Chanterelle Risotto with Sundried Tomato

  • Brand : Untamedfeast
  • Origin : Canada
  • Amount : 188 g

This is our mediterranean-inspired chanterelle mushroom side dish that has beautiful colour and big, bold flavour: gently spiced, with a sundried tomato tang and our signature alder smoked chanterelle mushrooms. Pairs perfectly with spicy chorizo, chicken, or roasted or bbq’d vegetable skewers.

Ingredients: Italian style rice, wilcrafted alder smoked chanterelle mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spices (onion, wildcrafted stinging nettle leaf, garlic, paprikas, raw cane sugar, sea salt, wildcrafted mushroom powder*, parsley, chili pepper, white pepper).

*Wild mushrooms including but not limited to Boletus species and Chanterelle species.