Boletes - Origin : Quebec and Eastern Canada


Author : Fernand Miron et Anita Royer

Release year : 2017

Pages : 304

 “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS” Under this theme, you can easily identify your harvest by making three or four choices, thanks to identification keys illustrated by detailed colour photos. Of the 111 species found in eastern Canada, 88 species are described in photos depicting details of the pileus, stalk, pore surface, changes in context colour when cut, habitat, etc. Out of all these species, only 55 are edible. Discover the ones that stand out for their excellent culinary qualities, along with those that should be avoided because of serious health problems they can cause. In the summary tables, you’ll find information about their rarity or abundance, the trees with which these boletes are associated, as well as their habitat. Above all, you can identify the boletes you have just collected using criteria clearly visible to the naked eye.