Morel hunting


 Book language : English

ISBN : 978-0811708340

Authors : John Maybrier and Theresa Maybrier

Release Year : 2010

Pages : 112

Identifying the most popular wild mushroom and distinguishing them from false morels   * Color photos and full descriptions of the 5morel types--black morels, half-cap, andgray, yellow, and big-foot--for easy identification * When and where to hunt to find the most morels in season * Hunting morels by tree type * Cleaning, preserving, and drying morels * Basic cooking techniques--plus special recipes   John and Theresa Maybrier guide hunts, teach seminars, and have developed a line of morel gear under the name Team Morel. They have written about morels for ASO Outdoors magazine and Iowa Sportsman. They live in Kansas City, Missouri.