July 3, 2022 - Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Time: 9:00am - 12:00am
Where: Mycoboutique, 4324 St-Denis, Mtl. Qc

* This activity is offered in French only. However, you may ask questions in English.

Philip Zogbhi, in charged of lab and mycelium production for Mycoboutique, will share his expertise and his passion for mushroom cultivation. You will learn about the life cycle of mycelium and its role in nature. You will also learn how to cultivate on logs, in flower beds and in gardens for the main cultivated species. What are the recommended substrates? How to increase yields? How to keep predators away? and proper maintenance procedures are all topics that will be covered.

The workshop is followed by a practical exercise and the participants leave with mycelium. A 10% discount will be offered on cultivation kits purchased after the activity. NOTE: The workshop will be given in French but the instructor is bilingual and will be able to answer questions in English. 

Note: Refund or exchange 14 days or more before the event only.