Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook

Book Language : English

ISBN : 9781647222956

Author :  Eugenia Bone (Author), Evan Sung (Photographer)
Publisher : Insight Editions

Publication date : 2021

Pages : 264


This one-of-a-kind community-driven cookbook, edited by author Eugenia Bone, features over 100 mushroom-centric recipes from appetizers and mains to desserts and drinks.

The Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook is written by the people who know mushroom cooking best—mushroom lovers! These are the kinds of recipes you will actually cook for dinner: tried-and-true, family recipes representing cultures from all over the world. Recipes include:

• Black Trumpet and Fig Pizza

• Lobster Mushroom Chowdah

• Chicken Chanterelle Paprikash

• Chaga Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cookbook also features five thoughtful and engaging essays written by Eugenia that explore a wide range of topics, including mushroom cultivation and foraging. Following the path set by Louie Schwartzberg’s award-winning documentary, this cookbook will expand your appreciation of the fantastic world of fungi, their different tastes and varieties, and their many applications, from flavoring drinks to replacing meat in recipes. The most diverse and comprehensive mushroom cookbook available, the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook is the perfect gift for anyone who is curious about the marvelous world of mushrooms and the magic they can make in the kitchen.