Champignons molécule bioactives d'intérêt médical et pharmacologique



Book language : French

ISBN : 978-2897730123

Author : Maurice Thibault

Release year : 2016

Pages : 578 

intriguing mushrooms in more ways than one. They appear in aspects as diverse as they are unusual, and arise as much in forests as in meadows, lawns or flowerbeds. It may be surprising to learn that mushrooms contain a multitude of molecules that not only give them nutritional virtues, aromas and textures, but also medicinal properties. Although in some cases they can be toxic, even fatal, these bioactive molecules are of real interest in pharmacology. Already, several species of fungi are used in the production of drugs against various diseases such as cancer. Presented in the form of cards, this book describes nearly 450 mushrooms. Each illustrated description is based on scientific information. A rigorous and essential book for anyone interested in bioactive molecules.