Preparation: 8 days
Cooking: none
Portions: 1

    20ml whole wheat, unbleached or rye flour
    10ml fermented yogourt
    45ml water at 20°C
    15ml dry organic raisins

      Vigorously mix the ingredients in a resealable bowl 500 ml.
      Let sit 24hours at ambient temperature.
      Glassy liquid will cover the dough; add 20 ml of flour and 53ml of water.
      Mix thoroughly and reseal for a other 24 hours.
      The day after, bubbles should appear on the surface.
      Repeat the 2nd step.
      The next day, mix thoroughly and discard ¾ of the mixture.
      Add 100g of flour, mix thoroughly and close.
      Formed bubbles on the surface.
      Repeat the 4th step 4 days in row.

      The leaven is ready : maintain it, adding little to no water and flour daily.

      Keep in the fridge or at ambient temperature.

      For a more consistent taste use the sourdought Florapan.