Thematic Talk and Taste Testing

At the store and even elsewhere, the Mycoboutique regularly hosts taste-testing coupled with a talk that gives participants a chance to both taste and learn about interesting edible mushrooms. The focus of this 90-minute session is usually on a particular gourmet and/or medicinal mushroom species, ranging from truffles to morels to chanterelles and much much more. Topics to be discussed include distinctive characteristics of various species, when and where to find them, their qualities, nutritional values and tips on their preparation. The degustation is essentially a light meal, consisting of half a dozen appetizers, dishes and drinks.

The cost is 35$/person. The above formula can be adapted to the preferences of specific groups. Those who are signed up for our newsletter will be the first to be notified about any upcoming events; the dates of the events are later posted on our website.

Please contact us for more information.