Maitake Plug Spawn


Latin name : Grifola frondosa

Type of wood: deciduous: oak, beech, chestnut - partially bury the logs

Incubation period: Up to 3 years

Fruiting season: Late Summer

The mushroom we eat is the fruiting body of fungal mycelium. Cultivated species feed by decomposing the organic matter around them, such as dead trees.

Spawn plugs are conveniently shaped pieces of hardwood, inoculated with mycelium of a specific mushroom species. They can be easily inserted into holes drilled into healthy logs and then covered with a thin layer of waxWith minimum maintenance, the mushroom will spread into the wood and yield fruiting bodies within the next 6 months to 3 years depending on the species, wood type and environmental conditions.

The inoculated logs can be placed outdoors in partial or full shade. They will need occasional watering.

Follow this link for detailed instructions.