Medicinal Mushrooms of North America Field Guide


 Book language : English

ISBN : 9780990423812

Author : Robert Rogers and Daniel Winkler

Release Year : 2018

Pages : 1

A Field Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms of North America 
is a convenient, light-weight, pocket-sized, laminated field guide that offers an overview of the 33 most important medicinal fungi in the US & Canada and helps uncover their healing powers. Each mushroom is presented with clear photographs that show key features and a descriptive text enabling readers to safely identify (or warning them if an ID is challenging) these fascinating organisms loaded with powerful healing agents. In addition, edibility, habitat and fruiting season is provided. Furthermore, all mushrooms are presented with a short reference to their historical use, current medical use, and documented bioactivity. A special section provides instructions on how to collect and process mushrooms in order to make one’s own extracts, tinctures, teas and salves. An overview table gives quick access to the specific uses of all 33 mushroom groups, many of them also distributed in Europe, Asia and beyond.