Mycorrhizas: The New Green Revolution


 Book language : English 

ISBN : 9782895441540

Author : J. André Fortin, Christian Plenchette et Yves Piché

Release date : 2009

Pages : 140

Mycorrhizas are a symbiosis formed by soil-borne fungi and plant roots – together they work wonders in horticulture. The fungi enhance plant nutrient and water uptake from the soil, and even help plants adapt to different environmental stresses. In exchange, the plants supply mycorrhizal fungi with carbon fixed using energy from the sun.

In recent years, numerous scientific studies have clearly highlighted the fundamental role that mycorrhizal fungi play in the growth and survival of the majority of plant species, whether they are in natural ecosystems or in those managed by man. However, in spite of the undeniable evidence provided by repeated scientific studies, the majority of horticulturalists, agriculturalists, sylviculturalists and environmentalists, still have only a limited understanding of the importance of mycorrhizas. This major knowledge gap must be bridged before mycorrhizal fungi can fully realise their potential to enhance sustainable plant production.

It was with this in mind that the authors – all World leaders in the field of mycorrhizal research – set about preparing this book. Their aim was to help everyone understand the biology of mycorrhizal fungi and the fascinating mycorrhizas that they form with plant roots. This book clearly shows how we can benefit from using mycorrhizal fungi in diverse aspect of plant production, while respecting the delicate balance of nature.