Wild Mushroom Soup


What's the secret to a great wild mushroom soup? Great wild mushrooms. This soup mix contains a blend of hand-harvested, fire-dried wild mushrooms. True wild mushrooms cannot be farmed or cultivated, so they've got more flavour and more nutrients. Surround that goodness with some basic ingredients and you'll be savouring a light yet rich-tasting wild take on a traditional European soup. Serves 4 and merits a scrumptious loaf of fresh bread.

Ingredients: Mushrooms including but not limited to shiitake, oyster, boletes*, chanterelle*, matsutake*, wild mushroom powder*, sea salt, onion, stinging nettle leaf*, parsley, garlic, white pepper, bay leaf. 

Allergens: May contain sulfites, may have come into contact with tree nuts. 

*These ingredients are foraged, not farmed.