Grow your own Mushrooms : How to choose, grow and cook them


Book language : English

ISBN  9780857845252

Author : Folko Kullmann

Publisher : Green Books

Release year : 2021

Pages : 96


In Grow Your Own Mushrooms, horticulturalist Folko Kullmann explains how to grow fungi, with easy-to-understand instructions on methods and growing-media. Beautifully designed with colour photos throughout, Grow Your Own Mushrooms includes all you need to know to raise, harvest, store and preserve your mushrooms all year round. There are also in-depth descriptions of the most popular mushroom varieties.

The mushrooms described in detail in the book are ideal for beginners, as they are low-maintenance, grow quickly and are suitable for cooking in a variety of ways. Most mushrooms are completely at home on balconies, where you can grow them in the shade in pots or containers and many are also in their element indoors, where they can be grown all year round – in the kitchen or bathroom, on a windowsill, in a dark corner, or in the basement.

This practical book explains what fungi are, how they grow, their history and medicinal properties. It outlines every step of how to grow mushrooms at home, with lots of photographs throughout. 
Grow Your Own Mushrooms also includes a 12-month plan and a list of the best mushrooms to grow at home. In the garden, mushrooms thrive in areas too shady for vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Whether you grow them on logs, straw bales, or ready-mixed growing media, with the right care you're sure of a rich crop of delicious and unusual mushrooms.