May 5, 2024 - Indoor DIY Mushrooms Cultivation

Time: 9:00am - 12:00am
Where: Mycoboutique, 4324 St-Denis, Mtl. Qc 

* This activity is offered in French only. However, you may ask questions in English.

This workshop will be hands on initiation to indoor mushroom cultivation.

Learn how to :

  • propagate your own mycelium with very little equipment
  • start your own growing chamber or mushroom bed at home
  • pasteurize and sterilize various substrates
  • make and use liquid culture and grain spawn for production
  • build DIY grow room, and much more.

Learn how to use these techniques for the following species : Oysters mushrooms, White button mushrooms, lion's mane, Wine cap, Blewit,  Enoki and Psilocybes.

N.B. : no refund