Welcome to Psilocybin: An Easy Guide to Growing and Experiencing the Potential of Magic Mushrooms

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Book language : English

ISBN : 9781936807574

Author : Seth Warner

Release Year : 2023

Pages : 170


Interest in the benefits of mushrooms has exploded. And it turns out growing psilocybin at home may be easier than you may think.

Welcome to Psilocybin is a complete how-to manual that gives you all of the tools needed to successfully grow potent psychedelic mushrooms. Readers will see exactly how to prepare their space, successfully cultivate magic mushrooms, and integrate them into their lives. With a little experience anyone can scale up with ease.

This easy-to-use text is a thorough guide to the world of psilocybin. From sourcing spores to psychedelic safety, Welcome to Psilocybin is an incredibly useful introductory mushroom resource:

- Learn which easy-to-obtain household materials are needed to successfully grow mushrooms at home in a closet, cabinet, or on a bookshelf.
- Explore the psychedelic experience and the different dosage guidelines including a microdosing crash course.
- Understand the differences between mushroom varieties and how to choose which ones to consume and cultivate.
- Gain insights into proper post-harvest process and storage resulting in high-quality and consistency.
-Discover the important modern history of plant medicine reform.

This definitive text takes you on a 360-degree journey through the psychedelic experience. Developed by experts in the field, Welcome to Psilocybin is a fascinating and informative handbook that equips readers with practical cultivation methods and cultural knowledge to guide their integrative practice. Welcome to Psilocybin is a go-to text for the entire mushroom community.