Poster - Wild Herbal Tea


Print of one of my drawings done in pencil and watercolor

This is a small poster presenting 23 wild plants growing in Quebec to drink as herbal tea.

With each poster comes a small 'cheat sheet' on card stock measuring 5.5'' x 8.5'' indicating the name of the plants, the part to infuse, the time to pick it and some of its medicinal properties.

Hoping that this drawing motivates some of them to go play outside and concoct some magic potions back home!

High quality pigment ink print on textured, acid free watercolor matte paper. The poster is signed.

- Mathilde Cinq Mars

Format on natural white paper, cold pressed, 100% cotton, pH neutral and acid-free (archive quality)

Margins are added to the drawing to facilitate framing but it is possible to remove them if you prefer.

Preciously packaged in a biodegradable plastic sleeve with cardboard behind for the post.