Ginger Amazake

Ginger Amazake

Ginger Amazake

  • Preparation: 8-12h
  • Cooking: 20 min
  • Portions: 2



Cook the rice in a cup of water about twenty minutes or as directed on the package. Let cool.

Add the koji and mix well. Incubate between 30-40 ° C for 8-12h. The incubator can be the oven off; light on, yogurt maker or Instant Pot on the yogurt function. We could also leave the container on the counter and wait longer than 12h. The fermentation process transforms the starch into sugar (this is saccharification). The higher the heat, the faster the process. At the end of it, a sweet and sour smell should emerge. The mixture can then be cooked to stop the process but this will denaturing certain enzymes. It can also be used as it or refrigerated for a month.

Boil the ginger in a cup of water add a pinch of salt. Filter.

Put 1 cup of the fermented koji mixture for 1 cup of ginger water in the blender and mix well.

Serve warm decoreted with lemon zest.